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VehicleLog is fully compliant with Australian Tax Office requirements where the logbook method is used to claim the percentage business use of a vehicle.

This app supports

Send it directly to your employer, accountant or tax agent. You do not need to perform any additional calculations or spreadsheet manipulations.

You can claim the cost of this app in your tax return. It is a legitimate expense and is fully tax deductible.

The ATO requires a logbook be kept for a continuous 12 week period. As long as this period is representative of the normal business use of the vehicle it remains valid for five years ( for further information refer to the ATO website ).

This app is also suitable for use in other countries where car logbooks are kept for tax purposes e.g. New Zealand, UK (Company Vehicles benefits-in-kind), Canada, South Africa, Ireland, Netherlands, France, Canada etc.

The application can also be used by employees who use their own vehicle for work related travel and need to submit KM reimbursement claims to their employers.

Calendar Integration

You can quickly select your purpose for a journey straight from you calendar entries or by selecting entries from your contact address book !

VehicleLog lists all calendar entries two weeks forward of your current trip start date. This is a great time saving feature but also important for evidentiary records of your logbook entries.

If you dont find an entry in your calendar entries to match the purpose of your journey, scroll up and select an entry from your favourites & contacts as the purpose for your journey.

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For business apps on the Australian iTunes App Store, VehicleLog is consistently ranking highly in both the Top Apps and Top Grossing charts. Further information and discussion related to VehicleLog can be found on our blog .
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